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  • Advances in the Study of the Bearing Capacity of Bucket Foundations and the Shear Band in Saturated Soils
    Author:   | Date:2005-04-30   | Click Rate:    | 【Close
       Bucket foundations attract the attention of researchers and oil & gas departments because of its many merits, such as using simply and economic. The research results and the experiences for practical engineering about this type of foundation is limited in our country because the research on it is only for a short time, at the same time, it is very difficult to research this problem because the responses of the bucket foundations under environmental loads is related to the combination of multimedia.

      A system for applying dynamic loading which may be used in the centrifuge at a high acceleration level has been built by Associate Professor Lu Xiaobing et al in the offshore geotechnical group of our institute. A series of dynamic loading experiments in centrifuge have been carried out. A method based on perturbation theory has been presented to analyze the dynamic responses of bucket foundations. The software for analyzing the bearing capacity of bucket foundations under static or dynamic loadings has been completed. Some key characteristics, such as the limit effected zone and steady state of bucket foundations under long term dynamic loading, the softening and liquefaction of sand layer around the bucket foundation, have been obtained. Systemic methods for study and analysis of the bearing capacity of bucket foundations haven been presented by these studies. Main parameters for the design of platforms with bucket foundations in Bohai Bay have been obtained.

      Systemic studies on the initiation and evolution of shear banding in saturated soils have been carried out. An approximate formula for computing the width of shear band under simple shear and combined loadings has been obtained. The initiation conditions and the effects of main factors are analyzed. It is shown that the initiation and the evolution of shear band in saturated soils are determined mainly by the characteristics of pore pressure and strain of the skeleton.
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