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  • Sino-French Workshop on Solid Mechanics Held at IMECH
    Author:   | Date:2005-11-07   | Click Rate:    | 【Close
    Sino-French Workshop on Solid Mechanics was held at the Institute of Mechanics from Oct. 24 to 28, 2005. Five French scientists from Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS), “Ecole Polytechnique” attended the workshop. They are Prof. Bernard Halphen, Director of LMS, Prof. Jean Salençon, Member of French Scientific Academy, Prof. Habibou Maitournam, Prof. Andréi Constantinescu and Prof. Frédéric Valès. About 20 Chinese scientists participated in the workshop, including Director Hong Youshi, Prof. Dai Lanhong and Prof. Ding Hua. The scientists from two countries discussed frontier mechanics issues of mutual interests. During the workshop, the participants focused on the following topics: dynamic behavior of materials and structures, rock- and geo- mechanics, seismic problems, fatigue and interface behavior, numerical methods, etc. The lectures of LMS well summarized the effective methods they had proposed in engineering applications. Scientists of IMECH presented their recent achievements. After the workshop, French experts visited the exhibition rooms and the labs of IMECH. They had great interests in the equipment and methods of Micro-scale Mechanics. Then, the two sides discussed the future cooperation possibilities, e.g. multi-scale analyses of fatigue, damage and failure of structures. In addition, Prof. Jean Salençon accepted the invitation to give a course for graduate students in IMECH next year. The workshop is not the first contact between LMS and IMECH. When Prof. Bernard Halphen visited IMECH last year, he found that there exist many common scientific interests, and signed a Memorandum on Academic Exchanges between IMECH and LMS. This Sino-French Workshop on Solid Mechanics is the further communication based on the Memorandum.
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