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  • Current Advances in Landslide Disaster Prevention and Control of the Three Gorge Reservoir Areas
    Author:   | Date:2006-03-30   | Click Rate:    | 【Close
         Recently the research group 'Key Mechanical Problem in Landslide Disaster Prevention and Control’ of Institute of Mechanics made new progresses in landslide disaster prevention and control of the three gorge reservoir areas.

        On the basis of the first-hand investigation on geologic condition of the three gorge reservoir areas and the relevant work of formers, the research group select two representative landslides as the research emphases, analyze geologic causes of the typical landslides, mechanical parameters of the rock soil mass, and the changes of fluid flow field caused by fluctuate of water level in the reservoirs and rainfalls, give the mechanism of mountain landslides. A three-dimensional discrete element software for mountain landslide analysis is developed. The basic rules of landslide disaster caused by water are given. Evaluation figures of hazard rate of landslide disaster for typical areas of the three gorge reservoir areas are given. The forecast and predict methods of mountain landslide on the basis of the combination of monitor, engineering optimization and intelligent analysis methods are put forward.

        The progresses made by the research group are contributed to the landslide prevention, disaster reduction, prevention engineering, prevention fund reduction and the third stage of landslide control project of the three Gorges reservoir areas. Take the monitor of Bachimen landslide of Funing highway as an example, the saving of the cost is almost 20% because of the dynamic design and informational construction on the basis of the monitor results.
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