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  • Research Progress on Gas flow in micro channels-experimental
    Author:Shen Qing   | Date:2010-01-26   | Click Rate:    | 【Close

    Bentham Science Publishers in 2009 issued a new Journal, Micro and Nanosystems, Professor Ching Shen of LHD by the invitation of the Editor in chief of it, Professor Zulfiqur Ali, wrote an article “Gas flow in micro channels-experimental, computational and kinetic theoretical investigations”, published in Micro and Nanosystems, Volume 1, 3 Issue, 2009,pp. 226-233.

    The article, according to the result obtained from the global mass conservation principle put forward by the author, pointed out that the gas Poiseuille flow (Poiseuille flow in tube or channel with constant pressure gradient )is only a hypothetical flow, it gives the flow characteristics on the site of that local pressure gradient in channel or tub. In fact in gas there is not flow with constant pressure gradient. In the past there claimed the general agreement with the experiment, this is because the difference between the pressures at the two ends of the tube is small in comparison with the average pressure in the tube.。Recent experimental investigation results with nonlinear pressure gradient, including those deeply entering the transitional flow regime, promoted the profound and deep theoretical and computational investigations of the flow characteristics in micro channel and tube. Among the computational methods the linear Boltzmann equation, DSMC method and others can solve the micro flow characteristics micro channel and tubes. But only the IP method developed by LHD simulated micro fluid flow in long micro channel and obtained results in good agreement with the recent experimental investigations of transitional regime. The article also showed the analytical solution of the micro channel flow obtained by using the global mass conservation and local solution of the linear Boltzmann equation, and also the excellent agreement of the pressure distribution and mass flow rates with experiments.

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