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  • First International Symposium on Archimedes Bridge held in Qiandao Lake
    Author:Ge Fei   | Date:2010-11-23   | Click Rate:    | 【Close

    The First International Symposium on Archimedes Bridge (ISAB-2010) was held from 17th to 20th October in the beautiful Qiandao Lake, Chuan’an County, organized by the Institute of Mechanics (IMECH)-Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), University of Naples “Federico II”-Italy, and Chuan’an County-Hangzhou. Professor Yongxiang Lu the president of CAS and Dr. Elio Matacena the president of Ponte di Archimede International were the honorary chairmen; Professor Youshi Hong from IMECH and Professor Federico M. Mazzolani from the University of Naples were the executive chairmen.

    The opening ceremony was chaired by Professor Hong on the morning of October 18. Dr. Matacena, Professor Mazzolani, Mr. Jun Wang the vice magistrate of Chuan’an County, Professor Yun Bai the vice president of ITA, Dr. Yufeng Mao from the Bureau of Basic Research of CAS, and Mr. Yuansheng Ma the vice director of the Science and Technology Department of IMECH made the opening address, respectively. In the following plenary session, Professor Håvard Østlid from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Professor Shunji Kanie from the Hokkaido University-Japan, Professor Mazzolani and Professor Hong made plenary lecture presentations, respectively.

    During the symposium, scientists and engineers showed their research work on Archimedes Bridge, also known as Submerged Floating Tunnel (SFT), discussed and exchanged opinions on various topics such as the dynamic response, new concept design, construction and installation, cost assessment, risk analysis and management of SFT, etc. The IMECH participants and the Italian participants showed their latest research achievements on the SFT prototype in Qiandao Lake. The IMECH research team presented the progresses on the fluid-structure interaction, slack phenomena in tethers, seismic analysis, vortex induced vibration, tension-pile solution for foundation, etc. which received high attention and in-depth discussion. In his closing remarks, Professor Mazzolani expressed that, the successful of this symposium will promote the scientific research and technological application of Archimedes Bridge and accelerate the construction of the first SFT Prototype in Qiandao Lake.

    More than 70 participants, from different countries and regions including Norway, Italy, United States of America, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Hongkong and China main land, attended the symposium. 43 papers were accepted, and 40 of them were presented with 4 plenary lectures, 8 keynote lectures and 28 session lectures. The Symposium Proceedings has been published by Elsevier as Volume 4 of Procedia Engineering both in hardbound copies and online.

    The symposium location in Qiandao Lake was due to that the first Archimedes Bridge Prototype was planned to be built there. During the symposium, representatives from IMECH, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., Ponte di Archimede International, University of Naples, Politechnico di Milano, and Chun’an County, also held a round-robin meeting, discussed the engineering design and construction plan of the Archimedes Bridge Prototype.

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