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    Author:Zhu Zhiqiang   | Date:2016-11-30   | Click Rate:    | 【Close

    The 11th Asian Microgravity SymposiumAMS-2016

    Successfully Held in Japan


    The 11th Asian Microgravity Symposium was successfully held in Sapporo, Japan on Oct. 25-29 2016. Total 202 participants ,including 66 Chinese participants, from different Asian countries and European Space Agency were joined together. This symposium was organized by Japan Society of Microgravity Application (JASMA), Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space (JSBSS), China National Society of Microgravity Science and Application (NSMSA/CSSA), Institute of Mechanics/CAS, Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization/CAS, Korean Microgravity Society (KMS) ,etc. NSMSA President Prof. Qiusheng LIU and CSSA President Prof. Yidong GU were the co-chairs of AMS-2016.

    Prof. Qiusheng LIU, Prof. Qi KANG, Prof. Li DUAN, Prof. Jianfu ZHAO, Prof. Shuangfeng WANG, Associate Prof. Zhi Qiang ZHU and four Ph.D. students from the Institute of Mechanics/CAS were invited to attend this symposium.

    All participants presented 208 lectures in plenary sessionsoral presentation sessions and poster sessions covered the microgravity sciences research and space life sciences research, including Fluid Physics, Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer, Combustion, Material Sciences, Fundamental Physics, Crystal Growth, Protein and Colloids, Life Sciences and Biotechnology in Space, Life Support System, Radiation & Gravitational Biology, Space Microbiology, Biomedical Countermeasure Research, Facilities and Techniques of Microgravity Experiments, Microgravity Experiments from Ground to Space and Ground-based Microgravity Research.

    Scientists from different Asian countries discussed and exchanged their new experimental achievements through the symposium. Chinese participants presented their new research progress and space experimental achievements of microgravity and space life science from the Chinese space experiment missions of “SJ 10”,“TG-2” ,“TZ-1”, and the space experiment planning on Chinese Space Station (CSS).

    Mr. Yuan GAO, Mr. Wenjun LIU, Mr. Guofeng XU and Mr. Shuo YAN, Ph.D. Students of the Institute of Mechanics,CAS, are honored to get the “Mohri Poster Awards” of the Symposium, which is name after Dr. Mamoru Mohri , the Japanese Astronaut on International Space Station.

    The symposium gave a communication platform for all the participants, not just from the Asian research institutions, but also from the European and American international microgravity research institutions (NASA, ESA, DRL). Through this symposium, participants got the latest research results on space and ground-based simulation of microgravity science and other related fields. The joint experiment proposals were also discussed during the meeting.

    Co-chair Working Meeting of Asian Microgravity Symposium was held during the symposium, and the co-chairs and representatives from China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia and India attended the meeting. They decided that Asian Microgravity Symposium AMS-2018 will be held in 2018, China.




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