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    New mechanism of interaction between nanoparticles and pulmonary surfactant (14.01.02)
    New progress in electro-elasto-capillarity of the graphene-water system (13.02.01)
    Bending rigidity and Gaussian bending stiffness of single-layered graphene (12.12.17)
    5th China-Germany Workshop on Microgravity and Space Life Sciences Successfully Held in... (12.10.18)
    Deciphering how typical two-dimensional defects influence the strength of graphene (12.07.04)
    Molecule Statistical Thermodynamics (MST): a distinct and efficient numerical approach ... (12.06.19)
    Ceramic Nanowires:Brittle of Ductile, Why? (12.02.09)
    Professor Youshi Hong took over Editor-In-Chief of FFEMS (12.02.09)
    Visualization of Allostery in P-Selectin Lectin Domain Using MD Simulations (11.02.25)
    Prof. ZHANG Taihua Awarded Grants from National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Sc... (10.12.22)
    A finite-element algorithm for modeling variably saturated flows (10.12.08)
    BICTAM had been admitted by IUTAM General Assembly as one of the affiliated organizatio... (10.12.08)
    First International Symposium on Archimedes Bridge held in Qiandao Lake (10.11.23)
    CFD study of a sudden-expanding coal combustor using Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange models (10.11.22)
    Crack Patterns in Ceramic Plates after Quenching (10.11.19)
    Instabilities and transient behaviors of a liquid film flowing down a porous inclined p... (10.09.14)
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