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  • Research staff of institute of mechanics attended the 4th international conference on spectroscopic ellipsometry
    Author:   | Date:2007-07-17   | Click Rate:    | 【Close
         Recently, Professor Gang JIN and other research members including Yonghong MENG and Cai QI attended the 4th International Conference Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (ICSE-4) (http://www.icse4.se/)held in Stockholm, Sweden.

        Since spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) was established in 1887, it has been developed into an important and powerful approach for the characterization of the surface, film and interface due to the advantages of non-destructivity, high sensitivity at atomic layer level and low limitation to specimen material. Especially, its high thickness resolution in the order of 0.1nm has promising and potential applications in the nano-technology fields such as nano-material and nano-device.

        The research works run by professor Gang JIN’s group on instrumentation of imaging ellipsometry and biomedical applications for more than ten years have been addressed in the conference, which features distinct multidisciplinary integration and creativity. Professor Gang JIN gave an invited review report titled with “Development of biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry” that demonstrates the role of leadership of the research group in the biological application area. Yonghong MENG presented a novel imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry system with high spatial resolution and variable spectrum. Cai QI’s report showed an important application of avian influenza virus (AIV) detection with the biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry. These research results attracted attentions from the scientific and industrial communities.

        As an international conference specialized on spectroscopic ellipsometry as well as related polarization techniques, ICSE offers a chance for scientists and engineers from multidisciplinary research and application areas to communicate and discuss directly. Vivid knowledge exchange, emerging areas and future research inspiration ensure the conference to meet the high scientific standards set by the previous ICSE conferences placed in Paris (1993), Charleston (1997), Vienna (2003) and Stockholm of Sweden(2007). The group is preparing a proposal for holding the 5th international Conference Spectroscopic Ellipsometry in Beijing in 2010.
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