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  • Dr. Heng Xiao visited Institute of Mechanics
    Author:   | Date:2012-10-20   | Click Rate:    | 【Close

    The ocean contains vast amounts of energy,which propagatesonshore endlessly. When the energy is released in a violent way, e.g., in the form of tsunamis or storm surges, it can lead to catastrophic life losses and serious infrastructure destructions to the coastal communities.

    In this seminar He first present a combined numerical and experimental study ofsediment transport and bed responses under tsunami loading. Depth-averaged equations were used to model wave propagation, sediment transport, and morphological bed evolution. The wave−sediment model was loosely coupled with a sophisticatedfinite elementprogram to study the bed responses under tsunami wave loadings.Large-scale experimentswere conducted in a wave flumewith movable sand bed to understand the mechanisms of the complex processes and to validate thedeveloped numerical models. In addition, a microscope approach was adopted to study the detailed sediment transport processes, where the locallyaveragedNavier−Stokes equations and the Discrete Element Method (DEM) were coupled tosimulate the particle-laden sheet flowsinthe sediment transport during wave run-up and drawdown. My current research on a hybrid LES/RANS method for turbulence modeling will also be briefly introduced.Finally, I will discussmyresearch plan to combine the numerical models presented above to study the mechanical processes in marine renewable energyapplications, i.e., in the modeling of wave/turbine/seabed systems in tidal turbine farms. A few areas of potential collaborations with relevant groups in CAS will be proposed for further discussions.

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