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Key Lab of Mechanics in Advanced Manufacturing


Key Laboratory of Mechanics  in Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)
Founded in 2008, the Key Laboratory of Mechanics  in Advanced Manufacturing (MAM) was dedicated to furthering the cause of advanced manufacturing technology.

On purpose of recruit the scientists & engineers, we  served 35 academic staff to demonstrate research, and its also train up students population of over 40. Key students group are among postgraduate, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral students. As the main research centre for developing advanced  materials and technologies at the Institute of Mechanics,  the research is applied to typical achievements in all kinds of  specific area, such as computer and  manufacturing, information, automated manufacturing,  new materials,  system management...   

 Importantly, we are pround to carry out these practical experiences for working with businesses and the community.
 As the Advanced manufacturing technology has represented by  Laser  manufacturing technology, which conduct a huge  revolution on our  mind. For meeting our scientific objectives, we effort to satisfy  the requirements of aerospace technology, energy resources, transportation, iron and steel industry.