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  • The State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics (LNM)
  • Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics (LHD)
  • National Microgravity Laboratory (NML)
  • Key Laboratory for Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering (LHO)
  • Laboratory of Environmental Mechanics (LEM)
  • Key Lab of Mechanics in Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)
  • Center for Plasma and Combustion Research (CPCR)
  • Center for Plasma and Combustion Research (CPCR)


    With the needs in national security and industrial technology as background, Center for Plasma and Combustion Research focus on research in the fundamental problems of plasma dynamics and combustion. The Center works toward the goal of satisfying important research demands of the nation in its various aspects and continuously improving the level of research in the field of plasma and combustion.


    Main Directions of Research

    Applied plasma dynamics

    Clean combustion

    Hazardous waste treatment

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