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    Ignition Delay Characteristics of Kerosene with Decomposed Hydrogen Peroxide (17.03.20)
    A gasdynamic gun driven by gaseous detonation (17.03.20)
    Power-law characteristics of damage and failure of ceramic coating systems under three-... (17.03.20)
    Desorption area and pressure-drop region of wells in a homogeneous coalbed (17.03.20)
    Large eddy simulation of orientation and rotation of ellipsoidal particles in isotropic... (17.03.20)
    Symmetrical transition waveform control on double-wire MIG welding (17.03.20)
    Effect of mesh resolution on large eddy simulation of cloud cavitating flow around a th... (17.03.20)
    Grain boundary and curvature enhanced lithium adsorption on carbon (17.03.20)
    Surface effect in the bending of nanowires (17.03.20)
    A numerical model for the evolution of internal structure of cavitation cloud (17.03.20)
    Mechanism of soil stratum instability induced by hydrate dissociation (17.03.20)
    Self-propelled swimming of a flexible plunging foil near a solid wall (17.03.20)
    Modeling of pressure effects on flame structure and soot formation of n-heptane/air co-... (17.03.20)
    Assembly of Superparamagnetic Filaments in External Field (17.03.20)
    Failure maps and optimal design of metallic sandwich panels with truss cores subjected ... (17.03.20)
    Large-Eddy Simulation of Time Evolution and Instability of Highly Underexpanded Sonic Jets (17.03.20)
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