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  • The State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics (LNM)
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  • National Microgravity Laboratory (NML)
  • Key Laboratory for Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering (LHO)
  • Laboratory of Environmental Mechanics (LEM)
  • Key Lab of Mechanics in Advanced Manufacturing (MAM)
  • Laboratory of Environmental Mechanics (LEM)


    The Laboratory of Environmental Mechanics is devoted to solving crucial issues for environmental protection and disaster preventing based onthe scientific methodology of Mechanics. The main research objects of LEM are focused on the evolutionprocess and mechanism of various environmental problems such as climate change, environment damage, ecology degeneration and natural/engineering disasters that restrict the sustainable development of society and economy in China. The main goal of LEM is to provide technical supports and scientific basis of decision-making for the environmental protection and management, as well as the disaster mitigation in China.  

    The monitoring, forecasting and responding system for landslide disasters

    The professional sub-system of data transmission and monitoring

    The sub-system of the data transmission by local residence observers

    Research institute, objective: scientific analysis

    The server to receive data

    The government: Macro control

    Water flume for fluid-soil-structure interactions

    Environmental wind tunnel

    Experiment system for CO deflagration

    Plasma system for medical waste treatment 

    Hydrological environment in drainage area

    Marine environment

    Control of industrial emissions to natural environment

    Mechanics of geological body and engineering disasters

    Computational Environmental Mechanics

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