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      Institute of Mechanics (IMech), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), was founded in 1956, among the first national research centers that have been set up under CAS. With the conception of engineering science laid out by its first directors Professor Qian Xuesen, Qian weichang and Guo yonghuai as its guideline, the Institute always takes it as its task to serve the needs of national major strategies.

      During the last more than 50 years, Institute of Mechanics has been involved in the development of missiles, nuclear weapons and satellites in China, and has made significant contributions to the research field of mechanics, and now is a prestigious research institution in China.

      In its course to forge ahead into the future based on its past experiences, the Institute adheres the conception of engineering science and keeps the strategic objectives clear in its mind, in reform and development, focusing researches on a number of key fields, including space technology, oceanic engineering, environmental, energy and transportation, disasters and environment engineering, to meet the demands of national defense, the national strategic requirements and the advancement of sciences in general, performing the scientific innovation and high-tech integration of space technology, oceanic engineering, energy, transportation and other important fields, along its main research directions, such as nano/micro scale mechanics and micro-systems, high temperature gas dynamics and supersonic flight technologies, microgravity science and applications, oceanic engineering, environmental, energy and transportation, biomechanics and bioengineering. The institute is bound to make further significant contributions to China's economic construction, national security and social sustainable development.

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