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    The Institute of Mechanics (IM) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), was founded in 1956. The institute focuses on various branches of theoretical and applied mechanics.As a national research center, organized on the conception of Engineering Science. Professor QIAN Xuesen (Hsue-ShenTsien) and Professor QIAN Weichang (Wei-ZangChien) were the first director and deputy director. Professor GUO Yonghuai (Yung-HuaiKuo), as a deputy director, had been in charge of the actual running of the Institute for a long time. The successive directors include Professor ZHENG Zhemin (Che-Min Cheng), Professor XUE Minglun, Professor HONG Youshi and Professor FAN Jing. The present director is Professor Qin Wei.

    As of November 2013, the institute had 429 staff members, including 372 professionals and technicians. Among them are seven members of CAS, one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 67 professors and 143 associate professors or senior engineers. Twenty of the institute’s researchers are supported by the CAS Hundred Talents Program, and 10 have received the National Natural Science Foundation’s Distinguished Young Scientist Award.

    With the national strategic targets and the forefront of the world's science and technology in mind, The institute focuses on scientific innovation and high-tech integration in various fields, such as aerospace technology, oceanic and environmental engineering and energy resources. Its main research directions include nano/micro scale mechanics and microsystems, high temperature gas dynamics and supersonic flight technology, microgravity science and its applications, oceanic and environmental engineering, energy and transportation, mechanics in advanced manufacturing, and biomechanics and bioengineering.

    The Institute is home to the State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics, the Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics, the National Microgravity Laboratory, the Key Laboratory for Mechanics in Fluid Solid Coupling Systems and the Key Laboratory of Mechanics in Advanced Manufacturing.

    Since its establishment in 1956, IMCAS has accomplished a large number of important research projects in close relation to meeting national demands and promoting progresses in science, and has obtained many remarkable scientific and technological achievements. The institute has won more than 200 national, ministerial and CAS awards. In 2012, Professor ZHENG Zhemin, a well-known scientist of applied mechanics, won China’s Preeminent Science and Technology Award, the country’s top science prize.

    The Institute of Mechanics is one of the first institutions in China to enroll graduate students, grant doctoral degrees and provide postdoctoral training. As of November 2013, the institute had 54 doctoral advisors, 128 master’s advisors, more than 340 graduate students and more than 14 postdoctoral scholars.

    The institute enjoys international prestige and has established broad scientific cooperation and academic exchange with scientific institutions and scientists from more than 30 countries or regions in the fields of microgravity, materials science, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and biomechanics, etc. Some 30 scientists from the institute hold posts in morethan 70 international academic organizations or on editorial boards of international academic journals.


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