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Dynamic response of shear thickening fluid under laser induced shock

Date:2015-05-11Xianqian WuSource:

The dynamic response of the 57 vol./vol. % dense spherical silica particle-polyethylene glycol suspension at high pressure was investigated through short pulsed laser induced shock experiments. The measured back free surface velocities by a photonic Doppler velocimetry showed that the shock and the particle velocities decreased while the shock wave transmitted in the shear thickening fluid (STF), from which an equation of state for the STF was obtained. In addition, the peak stress decreased and the absorbed energy increased rapidly with increasing the thickness for a thin layer of the STF, which should be attributed to the impact-jammed behavior through compression of particle matrix, the deformation or crack of the hard-sphere particles, and the volume compression of the particles and the polyethylene glycol.


The authors acknowledge financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11332011 and 11402277).


Wu XQ,Zhong FC,Yin QY,et al. Dynamic response of shear thickening fluid under laser induced shock[J]. Applied Physics Letters,2015-02,106(7):071903.