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Research Progress

Motion Driven by Strain Gradient Fields

Date:2016-05-19Chao WangSource:

A new driving mechanism for direction-controlled motion of nano-scale objects is proposed, based on a model of stretching a graphene strip linked to a rigid base with linear springs of identical stiffness. We find that the potential energy difference induced by the strain gradient field in the graphene strip substrate can generate sufficient force to overcome the static and kinetic friction forces between the nano-flake and the strip substrate, resulting in the nanoscale flake motion in the direction of gradient reduction. The dynamics of the nano-flake can be manipulated by tuning the stiffness of linear springs, stretching velocity and the flake size. This fundamental law of directional motion induced by strain gradient could be very useful for promising designs of nanoscale manipulation, transportation and smart surfaces.



The work reported here is supported by NSFC through Grants #11125211, #11372317 and the 973 Nano-project (2012CB937500).

Wang C,Chen SH. Motion Driven by Strain Gradient Fields[J]. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS,2015,5:13675.