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LNM Academic Report on Jul.24-25,2009


A review on the development of Perfectly

 Matched Layer technique for Computational Aeroacoustics

By Prof. Fangqiang Hu

Old Dorminic University of US

Time2009-7-24(Fri) 15:30

 Part I: PML for Linear problems

        2009-7-25(Sat) 9:00

 Part II: PML non-linear Euler and Navier-Stokes equations

LocationRoom 344,1#Building,IMECH,CAS


Recent developments on the Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) as an absorbing boundary condition for Computational Aeroacoustics problems are reviewed. In Part I, construction of Perfectly Matched Layers for the linearized Euler equations with a uniform and non-uniform mean flow is presented. Basic techniques of deriving a stable PML for the governing equations in fluid mechanics are introduced. In Part II, extensions of the PML technique to non-linear Euler and Navier-Stokes equations are given. Numerical examples will be presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the PML boundary conditions.