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LHD International Academic Report 2010-1-21


LHD International Academic Report(Thursday,2010-1-21)

Title : New Concept Airplanes, High Order Schemes and Fluid-Structural Interaction, New Algorithm based on Cartesian Grid

 REPORTER: Associate Prof. Zha Gecheng

Director of CFD and Aerodynamics Lab.

Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  University of Miami


Address:Auditoria Boardroom of Building 1, imech (力学所1号楼小礼堂内会议室)

The new concept airplane will introduce a supersonic bi-directional flying wing and a co-flow jet transonic airplane. The high order schemes will include a new 7th order WENO scheme and 6th order conservative central differencing. The Fluid-Structural Interaction will be on using DES for transonic limited cycle oscillation and AGARD Wing flutter. Lastly, a new hybrid algorithm of Cartesian grid and body fitted grid is introduced.

Welcome you to take part!