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LMFS International Academic Report


Title:Run-Up of Very Long Waves Generated by Bottom-Tilting Wave Maker
Dr. Yong Sung Park            School of Science and Engineering, University of Dundee, UK

Time: 15:30-16:30pm, November 16, 2017

Venue: Room 205, Building No.5, Institute of Mechanics   Motivated by the need to generate more realistic model tsunamis, a new wave maker has been developed at the University of Dundee. The wave tank is formed with an adjustable slope and a bottom flap hinged at the beginning of the slope. The new tank can generate both leading-elevation waves (LEW) and leading-depression waves (LDW), which are an order-of-magnitude longer than solitary waves for the same wave height-to-water depth ratio. In the present study, we report the maximum run-up heights of both LEWs and LDWs along a plane beach. While LEWs exhibit simple relationship between the maximum run-up height and the wave generation parameters, no such relation is found for LDWs. It was found that the maximum run-up heights for both types of waves can be described as a power function of the steepness of the accelerating phase of the wave at the point of wave generation.


    Yong Sung Park studied in the Department of Civil Engineering at Seoul National University in Korea with Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and Master’s degree in 2001. In 2004, he went to Cornell University initially supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation and obtained his PhD from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2009. He continued at Cornell as a Research Associate/Lecturer for two years. He went to Dundee in 2011 as a Newton International Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. The two-year fellowship supported his research on the dynamic response of cohesive sediments to ocean surface waves. From April 2013, he was appointed as a Lecturer in Civil Engineering. At the same time, he was awarded a five-year Royal Society of Edinburgh/Scottish Government Personal Research Fellowship co-funded by the Marie-Curie Actions, which supports his research on dynamics of extremely long coastal waves. He is now a Senior Lecturer at University of Dundee. His research interests lie in theoretical fluid mechanics and experimental verification in the context of environmental fluids, surf-zone dynamics, tsunamis, and wave-seabed interactions.