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LMFS Internationl Academic Report


Title:A Tutorial on FESTUNG and its Application in Shallow-Water Equations


Reporter: Hennes Hajduk, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany


Time:15:00-16:30,December 6,2017

Venue:Room 203, Building No.5


Abstract:In this two-part talk, I will give an introduction to the software package FESTUNG, which is an open source MATLAB/Octave toolbox designed for easy implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations (PDEs). First, general aspects of the software, such as capabilities, implementation guidelines and availability are discussed. Then, I will summerize how the scalar advection equation in 2D is solved using the Discontinuous-Galerkin (DG) method. This part of my talk is concluded with an overview of the capabilities of another part of FESTUNG, specifically solving the depth-averaged shallow-water equations (2D SWE).

    The second part of my talk is designated to an application that utilizes FESTUNG, namely bathymetry reconstruction from free surface data. To address this problem, a modified shallow water system is proposed that uses bathymetry as the primary unknown, whereas the free surface elevation enters the system as a prescribed quantity. In addition to formulating and discretizing this modified system, our talk demonstrates first numerical results.