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Internationl Academic Report


Title:Multi Physics, Multi Scale Simulations and HPC: Applications in Oil & Gas Industry

Reporter:Dr. Philippe RICOUX

Time:15:00pm, May 24,2018

Venue: Auditorium of Building No.1, Institute of Mechanics



Dr Philippe Ricoux, Fellow of TOTAL group,is the scientific leader of the Numerical Processing and Modeling group at the TOTAL R&D group, innovative development of transverse technologies such as applied mathematics, numerical simulations, high-performance computing, extreme computing & extreme data, multi-scale simulations, multi fluids flow, dynamic modeling, signal and image processing, etc.

Dr Ricoux trained as Mathematics and Signal Processing Engineer (SUPELEC) and Chemical Engineering Engineer (ENSIC), and hold his PhD (1980) on the Optimal Control of Catalytic Chemical Reactors. He has spent the majority of his career undertaking scientific research and is the author of several patents and publications.

He is for a long time an expert for the US Department of Energy and EU R&D, the leader of the European project on Exascale Applications.

During the last 5 years, Dr Ricoux led a large project on multi scale modeling of liquid – solid flows in collaboration with the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.