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Research Divisions

The State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics




The Key Laboratory of High Temperatuer Gas Dynamics (LHD),Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS),is devoted to research in the field of high temperature gas dynamics with the main background in hypersonic technologies. LHD was founded on the basis of the institute’s earlier gas dynamics division established by Professor Hsue-Shen Tsien and Proessor Yung-Huai Kuo in the late 1950s.Now under the leadership of Academician Hong-Ru Yu and guided by the vision of engineering science, LHD has developed into an open research base dedicated to innovative theoretical research, wind tunnel experiments and numerical simulations on high temperature gas dynamics. In the present. Professor Zonglin Jiang is the director of the laboratory and Professor Erjie Cui is the chairman of the academic committee.

 Research Vision


According to the scientific visions advocated by Professor Hsue-Shen Tsien. The laboratory targets at key strategic demands of aerospace and other closely related national economy fields. To build up a research and education base with sustainable innovation abilities and international-level research capabilities in the field of high temperature gas dynamics. The fundamentals of gas dynamics under hypersonic conditions are investigated to promote and support out national research in hypersonics by developing new methods new concepts and new techniques.

Researches on four fundamental topics in high temperature gas dynamics are carried out in the key laboratory of high-temperature gas dynamics.

Research Objectives

Aiming at national strategic demands and key techniques in aeronautic and astronautic, LHD is devoted to solving the fundamental problems of high temperature gas dynamics through the innovation of theoretical. Experimental and computational methods.

Performing the numerical and experimental studies of high-temperature gas flows by improving the constitute relation. Physical/chemical models. Numerical techniques, and ground testing techniques.

Developing advanced hypersonic propulsion systems by investigating supersonic combustion and detonation physics, and its application to SCRAMJET and PDEs.

Investigating the hypersonic boundary layer characteristics and aerodynamic configuration theory to solve the integrated vehicle optimization and flight control of hypersonic vehicles.

Studying the rarefied gas and plasma non-equilibrium flows by developing coupled NS equations and particle simulation approaches and measuring ionization properties of high-temperature gases.



The Key Laboratory of High Temperatuer Gas Dynamics (LHD)