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Measurements of spectral parameters for nitrous oxide near 4.56 mu m using a quantum cascade laser

发表日期:2017-03-20Li Fei来源:放大 缩小

Line strengths and nitrogen (N-2)-broadening coefficients for six nitrous oxide transitions were measured using a continuous-wave quantum cascade laser (cw-QCL) operating near 4.56 mu m. The temperature dependence of the exponent n for the N-2-broadening coefficients was determined over the range 298-800 K using a sapphire-sealed optical cell. Spectral parameters were determined by fitting absorption spectra with multi-peak Voigt profiles. The line strengths for the six transitions are 0-3% larger than those in the HITRAN 2012 database, while the N-2-broadening coefficients at the reference temperature are 2-5% smaller than the HITRAN 2012 values.




This work was sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant nos. 11372329 and 90816015).