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Global Recruitment for Director of State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics


The Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS), is looking for candidates for the director of State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics. Both applications and recommendations are strongly welcomed.

The institute, founded in 1956, is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary national mechanics research center following the philosophy of engineering science proposed by Professor Qian Xuesen (Hsue-Shen Tsien). Through steadfast efforts of several generations of scientists, the institute enjoys international prestige in mechanics community. It also makes important contributions to the economic and social development of the country.

The State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics (LHD), is committed to the study on fundamental problems of high temperature gas dynamics with the main application in aeronautics and astronautics, which is built upon the research foundation led by Qian Xuesen and Guo Yonghuai dating back to 1950s. LHD enables research staffs working at the forefront of innovation with its advantageous combination of theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and experimental investigations. Based on decades of efforts and achievements, LHD has been entitled as the State Key Laboratory since October 2011.

LHD keeps its vision to be the nation's premier science and engineering laboratory for technology innovation in aeronautics and astronautics. It aims to form a novel iterative system consisting of scientific innovation advancements, accelerating technology breakthroughs and system engineering optimizations by keeping on proposing new concept flight vehicles.

Job Description

1. Steering the LHD strategy and organizing the implementations.

2. Fostering and attracting the excellent and the young talents; optimizing the structure of research staff; building an innovation research group with domestic and international influences.

3. Organizing national key projects, accomplishing internationally advanced science and technology achievements.

4. Promoting interdisciplinary integration of LHD research, strengthening academic collaboration and recognition.


1. International-level leader in mechanics or other related fields, with extensive academic influence, excellent strategic vision, good academic innovation vitality, and great academic potential.

2. Have rich experience in scientific research management and organizational coordination ability, and can be an academic and moral role model.

3. Generally no more than 55 years old. Have senior professional position experience, and can complete one term (five years) of director in full time.


Excellent benefit package will be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Institute of Mechanics. There is no upper limit on the specific offer package of particularly outstanding talents.

Recruitment process

1. Candidates are invited to email hr@imech.ac.cn by submitting application materials, including:

(1) Resume;

(2) Brief description of main research achievements (within 500 words);

(3) Work plan and goals;

(4) A List of representative academic papers and achievements;

(5) Scanned copies of academic degrees, professional and award certificates;

(6) Other supporting materials.

2. Application deadline: March 15, 2022. If the preliminary screening is passed, the interview time will be notified separately.

3. Contact: Ms. Yao, Mr. Lu

Tel: +86-10-82543841, +86-10-82545730

Email: hr@imech.ac.cn

Mailing Address: Human Resources Department, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 15, Beisihuan Xi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, China

Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

January 30, 2022