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    Potential Modulation on Total Internal Reflection Ellipsometry (16.09.28)
    Cross-Interface Emulsification for Generating Size-Tunable Droplets (16.09.28)
    Strain hardening behaviors and strain rate sensitivity of gradient-grained Fe under com... (16.09.28)
    Proactive regulation of axial crushing behavior of thin-walled circular tube by gradien... (16.09.28)
    Improving the Gene Transfection in Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Balancing with Cytotoxic... (16.09.28)
    Research on bilateral reverse migration of one-group seabed sand waves in a small shall... (16.09.28)
    Instability of thermocapillary liquid layers for Oldroyd-B fluid (16.09.28)
    Numerical modeling of dam-break flow impacting on flexible structures using an improved... (16.05.19)
    Nature of crack-tip plastic zone in metallic glasses (16.05.19)
    Probing Non-Gaussianity in Confined Diffusion of Nanoparticles (16.05.19)
    Experimental investigation on the CO2 transcritical power cycle (16.05.19)
    Strength gradient enhances fatigue resistance of steels (16.05.19)
    A generalized formula for inertial lift on a sphere in microchannels (16.05.19)
    An Imaging Ellipsometry Approach to Dissolved Oxygen Measurement on Surface Tethered We... (16.05.19)
    An index of shear banding susceptibility of metallic glasses (16.05.19)
    Size-dependent plastic deformation and failure mechanisms of nanotwinned Ni3Al: Insight... (16.05.19)
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